Molding & Trim


Molding & Millwork 1

Many homes, especially those built in the last two-to-three decades, lack the distinctive millwork that adorns classic homes. In older homes, we also see millwork that, while original, has been poorly cared for—painted over, cracked, missing, or in some cases due for replacement.

Our team can personally attest to the level of character that crown molding, ornate window trim, chair rail, and wainscoting can impart. Homes of recent construction benefit greatly from a newfound sense of antiquity. A historic home can recapture the original intention of its builder and the context of its construction era.

We’d love to help you restore, or add at last, the finishing touches that you and your home have longed for.

Detail, Detail, Detail

With Arch Signature, our detail-driven approach, you’ll find, shows up much sooner than the finished product. We start on time, every day. We show up with materials preloaded and team members prescheduled. Before we begin for the day, we review with you how we’ll spend the next eight to twelve hours. Then, we work a full day to get it done. When we leave for the night, we do our best to make it seem like we weren’t there at all.

That’s the Arch Signature Difference.